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Matrimonial Tools - Major Update

Matrimonial Tools - Major Update

Matrimonial Tools is the web-based app developed by Jones & Lamb LLP to assist family law counsel and advisors with Matrimonial Property and Guideline Income calculations and analysis.

Updates include:

Advanced Contingent Tax Calculator

  • Added optional detailed contingent tax calculator for tax deferred assets on matrimonial property schedule.
  • Includes discounting and customizable timing options.

Basic Word MPS Reporting

  • Added a Basic Property Schedule reporting option in Word format to allow for user customization subsequent to report generation.

Guideline Income

  • Added Guideline Income modules (includes Federal Child Support Guideline Schedule III adjustments).
  • Module includes incremental personal Income Tax Calculator for purposes of income tax gross-up (for example, on after-tax discretionary benefits received by a shareholder).

MPS Input Module

  • MPS input module located at
  • Simplified input interface to allow for staff or client to assist in starting MPS data input.
  • File generated from input then imported into Matrimonial Tools by counsel.

MPS Comparison Tool

  • Comparison tool for two MPS schedule data files.
  • To assist with disclosing and analyzing differences between versions of MPS schedules.

Please contact us if you have questions or interest in using the Jones & Lamb Matrimonial Tools.

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